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Meet our six Youth Ambassadors all who represent why & what we do at YUAF.  We are so proud to have welcomed them to our programmes over the years and now they are joining us on the mission to empower young people



Instagram: @afroditetoolively


I am a UK Garage singer, MC, Producer and DJ, also enjoy performing in adverts, YouTube shows and TV programmes.

Something we don't know about you:

I study Law at uni. I decided to take this course as I feel it fits in well with the music industry (i.e things like contracts or copyright).

What made you want to become a YUAF Ambassador?

Because they have helped me so much guiding me through the creative industry and realising my potential through all the skills I have learnt at their workshops and programmes, YUAF have great

partnerships with creative spaces which really helped me flourish and develop my musical skills alongside great mentors.



Artist name: Video Vixen

Instagram: @article_feminin


Studying at London Screen Academy and working on

two film projects as well as a school fashion show.

Something we don't know about you:

Something people might not know about me is that I love wandering into random places, especially in London to

experience new things.

What made you want to become a YUAF Ambassador?

I wanted to be an ambassador because of the valuable

knowledge l have gained at YUAF and developed my confidence and I hope that I can inspire others to freely try new things and pursue their creative endeavours.


Artist name: Yaa.Visuals

Instagram: @yaa.visuals


Finished my first year at uni, now I'm doing runner jobs on the side.

Alongside this, I'm a podcast secretary for a black girls organisation called @thenoirespace. I'm also perfecting my

video editing.

Something we don't know about you:

I'm an ambitious person. In year 4 it took me a week to draw Henry VIII without tracing paper. And I used to take tap dancing lessons

What made you want to become a YUAF Ambassador?

I love how this organisation always wants you to persevere with whatever makes you happy. I want to be a role model for

young people, that you're never too young to dream big. I've seen that with my own eyes with the summer program, and I want more young people to be aware of the organisation that actually

wants you to succeed and won't leave you in the dark with opportunities.



Artist name: RAEL8

IG: @whilethesuncries


I'm studying medicine. I am also doing my music making, writing songs and co-producing.

Something we don't know about you:

I am an extremely good debater! I am also very open minded so if you win I'd probably end up supporting similar views.

What made you want to become a YUAF Ambassador?

I wanted to become a youth ambassador because without YUAF, I don't think I would be doing anything in music. YUAF have given me the opportunity to actually want my career as an artist.


Artist name: Yima Malik

IG: @yimamalik


I am studying politics and business management at university

whilst making my own music, working on my producing and recording my tracks

Something we don't know about you:

I binge watch Netflix to the point I sometimes feel I'm in the show or film!

What made you want to become a YUAF Ambassador?

When provided with the opportunity, I felt it was the right next step to take and felt extremely excited when I took it.



Artist name: Macelino

IG: @macelino__


I'm fully committed to bettering myself as an artist and producer, spending the majority of my time making beats at home or recording in the studio. I'm also on a 2 year 'Emerging Artist' programme.

Something we don't know about you:

I love baking. My specialities are cupcakes and brownies. Friends and family always have good reviews and frequently ask me for the next time I'll be making something for them.

What made you want to become a YUAF Ambassador?

YUAFs open mics and workshops have shown me the potential to succeed in the creative industries. I've also met a variety of

experienced individuals within it. These experiences have played such a big role in my levels of confidence, focus and knowledge, Having realised my own potential as a result of this, I want to help someone in the same way that YUAF has helped me.

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