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Through Creativity in Communities, our single-decker Outreach Media Bus coverts into a multi-media studio, providing an exciting space that inspires young people to build their confidence, skills, healthy relationships and communities while providing access to positive role models and expanding their aspirations. 

"Since the bus came to my estate, and I took part in their youth music workshops, so many opportunities have opened up for me and now I realise that anything is possible for me to do.’ - TJ, 16, Hackney."

"Our team go directly to where young people live"

Our programmes extend to Detached Youth Work which provide a creative space for young people to explore art, music and outdoor activities.  Our team go directly to where young people live, on estates, on the streets and in schools to start the journey to support their mental well-being. We help them make positive life choices by identifying their needs and matching them with opportunities within our network.

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Image: Inner City remixed their iconic track 'Good Life' with Young People in Hackney on the YUAF media bus. Check out here our workshop with Inner City here



• LYRICAL WRITING (Rap / Spoken word)





Image: Adam performing a track he wrote at a music production workshop. 



We deliver a range of Empowerment workshops, programmes and talks with our influencer ambassadors in schools and youth organisations.  The focus draws on the creative arts to improve mental well-being, providing them with new ways of learning  and how to release unexpressed emotions to become more resilient. 

Our programmes include YUAF Empowers and Mind Over Matter, both of which were created in partnership with our young people. We invite speakers from the creative industries to share their experiences and the tools they have developed to be resilient.


Awesome Coaching takes empowerment one step further by providing young people with one-to-one mentoring to help them see their awesomeness and provide encouragement for their growth and talent.  Our work across these programmes allows us to further our mental health advocacy while providing youth mental health support.

We deliver a range of empowerment workshops....inviting influential speakers from the creative sector to share their experiences.....

Image: Young people in Hackney deep in the mix on the YUAF bus. 


Our online workshops unite our youth...

Our Amplified online programme allows us to engage with young people and offer them a way to feel connected and express their feelings and emotions in an artistic way.  The Thrive & Connect creative workshops include: Singing, Rap, Lyric writing, Drama and Poetry.  These workshops have proven to introduce and improve youth artistry and create a sense of community, increased resilience and hope for the future.  

YUAF Masterclass and Open Mic Nights allow young people to continue developing their talent and confidence as well as gain insight and advice from music industry professionals and artists.  We celebrate their talent in all of our courses and our showcase event: YUAF Performs

...improve youth artistry and create a sense of community...


Image: The YUAF multimedia bus. This single decker bus doubles up as a fully functional recording studio, where aspiring musicians/producers/artists can learn new skills when we visit their community. 


YUAF Pathways is now a key area of our work, focussing on empowering young people to take a lead on shaping their lives and become aware of opportunities that will further their personal development and improve their well-being.

The programme tailors the specific needs of each young person to explore their challenges to help them into opportunities within YUAF’s own projects as well as through external partners, which include companies in the creative industries and other organisations.   YUAF Pathways will provide progression and exit routes for young people to explore education and training opportunities, creativity and creative careers, as well as access to support for their physical and mental health.

“Key objectives are to help young people strengthen their mental well-being, develop confidence, build new skills, raise aspirations, increase self-worth, and build resilience and positive relationships to help them into opportunities”

As part of Pathways, YUAF Futures has been created to provide young people aged 16 - 19 from communities challenged by inequality (BAME, LGBTQIA, disabled teenagers and those living in poverty) with work experience placements within their chosen industry. We want to build a support system and self-belief in the youth community to drive their aspirations:

“Around one in 10 (11%) pupils think that their family’s background or that their gender will make it more difficult for them to succeed in life, while 16% say their ethnic background will make it more difficult. Over a third (35%) of pupils with a self-defined disability and the majority (56%) of pupils with a self-defined learning difficulty think that this will make it more difficult for them to succeed in life.” 

*Youth aspirations in a London research study conducted for London Councils by Ipsos MORI


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We engage and teach: Music Production, Lyric writing (Rap & Spoken word), Song writing, DJ Skills and Vocal performance


President of Columbia Records UK, Ferdy Unger-Hamilton, gives Young People their certificate of completion for their participation in YUAF's six week summer programme.



To contact our Partnerships & Fundraising team,

drop an email to jess@yuaf.org.uk


Fundraising is the biggest challenge for all charities and because we teach young people how to be resilient, so we must practice what we teach. We are committed to diversifying our income streams to adjust to the ever-changing voluntary sector landscape so we never let our young people down.

In addition to raising funds through grants, housing associations, trusts and foundations, we work with generous and dedicated partners and brands to co-create fundraising events that generate funds and to create a space to celebrate our young talent. You can download our accounts from charity commission to see where we raise funds and most importantly, how we spend it!