Supporting our work impacts young lives; by funding our programmes you will make a difference to the youth community.  When you've picked an appropriate option - get in touch 



Our single-decker Outreach Media Bus converts into a multi-media music studio, providing an exciting space that inspires young people to build their confidence, skills, healthy relationships and communities while providing access to positive role models and expanding their aspirations. 

"Media Bus converts into a music multi-media music studio..."

"Our team go directly to where young people live"

Our team go directly to where young people live: on estates, on the streets and in schools to start the journey to support their mental well-being. We help them make positive life choices by identifying their needs and matching them with opportunities within our network.

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Skip To The Beat (STTB) is a bespoke intensive programme lead by experienced artist facilitators and senior youth workers, delivering a series of creative arts workshops for young people with complex needs or who require different learning styles.

Using a variety of art forms and activities, the programme has been proven to improve mental well-being by providing tools to better express and self-regulate emotions. It enables the young people to embark on a journey of self-discovery, self-reflection and to learn new methods of resilience to transfer into their everyday life, impacting  not only their own lives but those of their peers and their communities.

STTB works with young people who are not in mainstream school through the referral of professionals. We deliver this programme in three models: as a one-week or two-week intensive, or a three-month program.

...the programme has been proven to improve mental well-being by providing tools to better express and self-regulate emotions...


We deliver a range of empowerment workshops...

We deliver a range of empowerment workshops, programmes and talks with our influencer ambassadors in schools and youth organisations. The focus draws on the creative arts to improve mental wellbeing, providing then with new ways of learning offering them a way of learning, how to release unexpressed emotions to become more resilient.

Our programmes include YUAF Empowers & Mind Over Matter, both of which birthed by our young people. We invite influential speakers from the creative industries to share their experiences and the tools they have developed to be resilient.

...invite influential speakers from the creative industries to share their experiences...



Our goal is to create meaningful and lasting partnerships with companies that have a desire to enhance the lives of young people.

Partnering with YUAF means that you will have a positive impact on the life and mental well-being of a young person. 

As a grass-roots charity, we are focused on reaching young people where they live, on estates, on the streets and in schools to deliver creative workshops and well-being programs. 

We offer many opportunities to partner with us in helping them gain confidence, build resilience and develop a greater sense of self. Contact for more information.



Bring YUAF into your organization...

...and enhance your team’s communication, leadership skills and empathy through co-curated experiential learning and team building activities such as beatboxing, lyric writing, DJ-ing and music production.


Make YUAF your Charity of Choice and support us all year round.

As a YUAF partner, your generosity will enable us build programmes and workshops for young people that will continue to strengthen their resilience and improve their well-being.

Partnering with YUAF means that we will collaborate with you and your employees to ensure our partnership promotes a sense of pride, ownership and connection within your organization.


There are several opportunities for your employees to engage with YUAF.  Organize and promote an employee-led activity to benefit our workshops which will directly impact the lives of young people. 


Participate in our Pathways Program to provide mentoring or internships to one of our young people.

We know that corporate partnerships have a transformative impact on the communities we work with across Greater London.  Professional guidance for a young person can be life changing, not only for them, but for your employees as well.


To contact our Partnerships & Fundraising team,

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Fundraising is the biggest challenge for all charities and because we teach young people how to be resilient, so we must practice what we teach. We are committed to diversifying our income streams to adjust to the ever-changing voluntary sector landscape so we never let our young people down.

In addition to raising funds through grants, housing associations, trusts and foundations, we work with generous and dedicated partners and brands to co-create fundraising events that generate funds and to create a space to celebrate our young talent. You can download our accounts from charity commission to see where we raise funds and most importantly, how we spend it!