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Creating a world where young people are Seen, Heard & Celebrated

With your help, no young person will be left behind


Young Urban Art Foundation's mission is to empower the lives

of young people by strengthening well-being and building opportunities, through creativity and culture, ensuring that they are seen, heard and celebrated.

Within 15 years, we have supported over 22,000 young people and are known for delivering empowering and creative outreach workshops. We target hard-to-reach areas where young people don’t have access to opportunities and are at high risk of child exploitation or becoming a victim of crime.

Join us to make a difference to young lives

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Our youth charity's programmes are designed around prevention and built to drive creativity. Our multimedia bus workshops provide communities with an exciting and safe space for young people that inspires them and builds their confidence. We take our facilitators to schools, community centres and youth hubs, delivering sessions that focus on mental well-being and self-assurance. Working with partners, we provide young people with opportunities to gain further training or work experience, allowing them to build a long-term rapport and support system.

We are supported by a variety of partners including Sony Music Entertainment UK, PRS & Ditto MGMT who have helped us deliver music programmes across London.  We have also achieved the London Youth Gold Quality Mark certified by City & Guilds.


To find out how you can work with us email

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Empowering young people by strengthening well-being and providing access to opportunities that celebrate creativity, culture, and belonging.


To create a world where every young person is seen, heard & celebrated.






We listen to what you say and the way you say it: show up as you are.

We champion your individuality.

We move as one, it's a family affair.

We got you!

We take untapped potential and transform ideas into unlimited possibilities.

Let your mind be free.

We adapt and change to meet the needs of a dynamic world.

The journey is never-ending.

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